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British Virgin Islands

    The British Virgin Islands are composed of sixty-odd islands, islets and cays of virtually untouched splendor. Here life centers on the natural riches of land, sea and sky. Tortola has mountain peaks covered with frangipani and ginger on its south coast while the north coast has white sandy beaches and clusters of palm trees. The average annual temperature ranges from 85°-90°F.

Bitter End Yacht Club

Distance from airport to hotel, 15 miles (24 kms). The Bitter End is a world-renowned watersports resort, as well as being a relaxing environment which enables creative thinking for corporate retreats, multiple activities to enhance team building, and peaceful...

Little Dix Bay

Distance from hotel to town, 3 minutes. Distance from ferry to hotel, 20 minutes. Distance from Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS) to ferry, 2 minutes. This 500-acre garden paradise is situated along the crystal clear waters of the British Virgin...

Long Bay Beach Club

A deluxe resort located on its own secluded mile-long, exquisite white sand beach. Long Bay Beach Club is located in Tortola, the main island in the British Virgin Islands. It is located towards the scenic west end of the island, about twelve miles from the airport...

Peter Island

Distance from hotel to town by ferry, 4 miles (6 kms). Distance from hotel to Terrance B. Lettsome International (EIS) by ferry, 4 miles (6 kms). Peter Island Resort and Spa is the classic Caribbean Resort. Capturing the charisma, character and charm of the...

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