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Low Price Guarantee – How It Works

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Low Price Guarantee – How It Works

Low Price Guarantee –How it works

If you are looking to book your vacation with us but find a lower price for the exact same vacation on a U.S.-based qualifying competitor’s website, you may be eligible for our Low Price Guarantee.

  1. Contact your Vacation Concierge
  2. Email or call them and provide them the information from the competitors site
  3. The information will be verified and if the vacation is identical you will be charged the price from the competitor less $20.00 and you will be provided a $50.00 credit for your next trip. The package must be charged in full at the time of the verification.


Terms of the Low Price Guarantee

  • In order to be a Qualifying Lower Rate, the lower rate must be for an identical booking and is for the hotel portion only and does not include the airfare portion. . All booking details, including the following, must exactly match the details of the product you booked on Vacationeeze.com: specific hotel (including room type), cruise line (including ship and cabin category), applicable refund policy, dates and times of travel or service and other booking details.
  • Qualifying Lower Rates do not include rates on Web sites where the carrier, property, rental car company, itinerary, or similar booking details are opaque or unknown until after purchase, or where prices are determined by any sort of auction or bidding. Qualifying Lower Rates do not include errors or mistakes.
  • A Qualifying Lower Rate must be both advertised and available to the general public on a U.S.-based Web site. Qualifying Lower Rates shall not include corporate discounts or rates, group rates, charter rates, rewards program rates, incentives, meeting rates, convention rates, consolidator or interline prices, or prices available only by using a coupon, or any other rates or promotions not offered to the general public. A Qualifying Lower Rate may not come from a Web site which requires you to call to get the rate, or from an email that you received. The Qualifying Lower Rate must be quoted and booked in U.S. dollars (without reference to currency converters). There may be certain hotels or resort companies that provide rates that are not applicable to the Low Price Guarantee.
  • In order to be a Qualifying Lower Rate, Vacationeeze must be satisfied that you meet all requirements otherwise imposed on the lower price, including residency, regional, membership, age-related, and other requirements.
  • The Guarantee applies only to the base cost, and not tax recovery charges and service fees, of standalone Flight, Hotel, Car, and Cruise bookings.
  • For Cruises, the Guarantee applies only to the cost of the cruise, including port charges, which you booked on Vacationeeze.com The cost of additional items in your cruise booking, such as air or land components, insurance, shipboard credits, free upgrades, transfers, pre- or post-cruise hotel stays, onboard amenities, gift cards/certificates, cash back and/or dollars off, or other add-ons or optional items are not subject to the Price Guarantee, and shall not be considered in determining whether you have found a Qualifying Lower Rate.

The price match will not be confirmed until the full amount has been charged to your card. If the package price changes due to problems charging the credit card, you will be contacted and your hotel and airfare reservation will not be processed.




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