Selecting a ship for your first cruise is very important. As we talk with our clients we first have to determine if it is the ship that is most important or the ports the ship will stop at. We will focus here on some of top ship picks.

Romantic Cruise-Windstar Cruise line
Windstar has 6 small ships ranging in size from 148 passengers to 350 passengers. Within a few hours of boarding the staff knows your name. Within a few days they know what you like to eat, drink and more about you. The ships offer amazing food and have just started a partnership with the James Beard Foundation and will be bringing award winning chefs on the ships. Each ship also offers a water sports platform. In the ports they open the marina you can swim off the back of the ship, use a paddle board and even go water skiing. Guests on Windstar are typically well travelled.

Family Cruise Line-Royal Caribbean
If you want to keep busy day or night then Royal Caribbean is the way to go. You can climb a rock wall, experience  ice skating, go zip lining, walk in the park, choose from over 20 restaurants, see diving shows and even broadway shows. There is always an activity for adults and kids. There is a full kids program each day and night to keep the kids busy. The ships range from 3,000 to 6,000 passengers and some are 3 football fields long. In some cases they are larger than the places they visit. They offer family suites and other options such as connecting cabins for family groups.

Family Cruise Line-Disney Cruises
If you want a little Mickey and Goofy with your cruise then Disney is your choice. They bring the magic of Disney to the high seas. There are plenty of opportunities to see the characters. Disney offers broadway quality shows many evenings during your cruise. There are many great food options for the family and they always have kids in mind. Disney is great for multi-generational families cruising together.

All Inclusive Perfection-Seabourn

Seabourn Cruise line offers 6 star food and service and some of the largest cabins afloat. The bathrooms on Seabourn are larger than many cabins on other cruise ships. The ships range from 450 passengers to 700 passengers. There are 4-5 restaurants on each ship and they now have a partner with famous chef Thomas Keller. They are also known for the caviar parties. All of your top shelf alcohol and wines are included all day long. The service on Seabourn is very refined. The staff goes out of their way to get to know you and exceed your expectations. Each ship also has a marina similar to Windstar.

Best for Foodies
This is a hard category since Seabourn and Windstar have amazing food. If you are looking for a more reasonably priced cruise then Celebrity would be a great choose for foodies. Each Celebrity ship has 5-8 different restaurants. One of the choices is called Qsine and it is one of the most unique food experiences afloat and should not be missed. Celebrity also has good entertainment options. Celebrity is another great choice for families but does not have the vast offerings of Royal Caribbean, but does have a more upscale feel.

There are many other cruise lines that we work with. It is our goal to work with each client individually and learn more about them and match them with the perfect cruise ship and itinerary for their cruise.

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