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The remote island of Huahine may be the best ambassador of Tahitian culture, archaeology and mystery.

The island is home to the largest concentration of pre-European ancient temples known as marae, of which local guides are quite knowledgeable. A small, scenic road runs throughout Huahine, giving you a glimpse of beautiful vistas and quaint villages where local arts and crafts are displayed and sold. Vacationers often rent their own transportation to travel this road, and to visit the banana, coconut, and melon plantations that make the air so fragrant.

Hotel Maitai Lapita Village

Distance from hotel to city, 0.5 miles (1 km). Distance from hotel to Huahine-Fare Airport (HUH), 2 miles (3 kms). The Maitai Lapita Village hotel, near the village of Fare on the island of Huahine, is located on an exceptional site. The restaurant, bar and pool...

Hotel Royal Huahine

Experience magical, lush, tropical surroundings, tucked away in a small bay on the island of Huahine, in Tahiti's Leeward islands. The only access to the resort is by boat. After a short 35 minute flight from Tahiti with the local air carrier, Air Tahiti, you will be...

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