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The beautiful island of Tahiti, encircled by black sand beaches and a crown of steep majestic peaks, is the largest and most diverse of the Polynesian islands.

Some aspects of Tahiti are quite modern, such as its unique entertainment events, animated nightlife and museums. There is a tremendous range of hotels and fine international cuisines available to guests of all tastes. Papeete is the capital and reveals its own special surprises like its colorful public market, its world-class boutiques and spas, and its month-long Heiva festival of Tahitian folklore, music and dancing. Your options in Tahiti are as broad as your imagination, whether it is natural, nautical or cultural.

The Brando

Distance from private airfield onsite to FAA'A International Airport, 30 miles (48 kms).
The Brando is a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia's breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa - an atoll composed of a dozen small islands surrounding a sparkling...

Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti

Distance from hotel to town, 7 kms (4 miles). Distance from hotel to airport, 12 kms (7 miles). Amidst beautiful Lafayette Beach and lush mountains, just 10 minutes from town, The Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti offers guests one of the most tranquil and spectacular locations, with the unrivaled...

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

Distance from hotel to town, 6 miles (10 kms). Distance from airport to hotel, 4 miles (6 kms). Slated for spring 2009 opening, the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti promises to be the premier Papeete resort for business and leisure travelers alike, offering 121 guest...

Le Meridien Tahiti

Distance from hotel to town, 10 miles (16 kms). Distance from hotel to airport, 6 miles (10 kms). Located along a lagoon on one of the most beautiful, and unique, white sand beaches of Tahiti, Le Meridien Tahiti is perfectly integrated into the luxuriant...

Intercontinental Tahiti Resort

Distance from hotel to town, 6 miles (10 kms). Distance from hotel to airport, 1.25 miles (2 kms). Nothing is taller than the coconut palms in this Polynesian- style resort consisting of 246 guestrooms, suites and over- water bungalows that feature modern...

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