5 Myths About Travel Agents

After reading a similar post, we decided to address a few myths ourselves and explain why travel agents, or vacation concierges as we prefer to call them, help ease you into your vacation.


    1. Myth: Using a travel agent will cost me extra money.Without question, your vacation concierge will try and save you money. But, more importantly, your vacation concierge will add additional value to your trip that an online booking site cannot offer. We build trips – including free deals – that make sense for you. Whether that’s in the form of free spa treatments, room upgrades or free excursions, your vacation concierge has built relationships with resorts and has exclusive deals ready for you.


    1. Myth: Online review sites make it easy and quick to book travel.Sure, if you enjoy spending hours on websites where the same review might receive a 5 star rating and a 1 star rating and then you second guess yourself until you drive yourself crazy. Or you could trust a vacation concierge that has traveled to these places, understands your wants, needs and expectations and can offer you insider tips about all aspects of your trip.


    1. Myth: Travel agents only send you to places where they get higher commission.Being a vacation concierge is about building long-lasting relationships. We’re helping plan important life milestones – destination weddings, honeymoons, 50th anniversaries – we create the perfect package based on what will give you the most enjoyable vacation, at any budget.


    1. Myth: Travel agents are all the same.Sure, all travel agents are human beings. But you get a vacation concierge that has traveled to these destinations and understands each client’s needs to engineer a vacation that makes the most sense. With decades of experience creating perfect vacations, we have an innate understanding of what makes client’s happy and, perhaps more important, what makes you tick. Based on your personality, wants, needs and expectations, we remove the pain-points to ease you into your vacation.


  1. Myth: I don’t want a relationship with my travel agent.Wrong. You do. The more we get to know you, the better we can work together to match you with your perfect destinations. We’ll alert you with specials that may interest you and encourage you to take that last-minute trip. We’ll answer your calls at any hour, from any place around the world.