AMA Waterways River Cruise

As I sit here on the balcony of the AmaPrima River Cruise I am in awe. In awe of the beauty that surrounds me on the Rhine River. Slowly passing by magnificent scenery,small towns, castles and churches.


Let’s talk about what our priorities are…the food!  The food is delicious.  Breakfast and lunch has some items on the buffet and some items that can be cooked to order by your ever-present server. Dinner has options – some of which are typical foods of the region you are traveling.  The staff in the dinning room will go out of their way to make sure you enjoy the food.  If you have food allergies the chef will meet with you to discuss your concerns and then each day they will make sure you have options.  Each day for lunch and dinner beer and wine are included.  They have 2-3 wines and beers that are always available plus each day they have 2-3 local featured wines and beers.  They will continue to pour until you say no more.  They also provide complimentary soda, coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino and juices at lunch and dinner.   At dinner you can enjoy the cheese station with 7-10 different cheeses for you to try.

AmaPrima, has a special opportunity once you return from your excursion of the day…a pool!  The top deck is perfect for viewing, relaxing and meeting new friends while calmly cruising down the Rhine River.

The cabins on board the ship are very nice.  They are approximately 170 sq. ft which is larger than some cruise ship cabins.  The AmaPrima has free wifi through out the ship.  They also offer an interactive television system with movies on demand as well as several English TV stations.  The cabin attendants take great care of you with service twice a day.

River cruises are perfect for those that want to relax yet experience small towns and villages throughout Europe.  River cruises are perfect if you are exhausted from planning and organizing in your everyday life because on a river cruise everything is planned, organized, and perfectly executed for you.  You typically pull right into the center of each town and stay into the evening.  Once you are at the town Amawaterways offers several complementary tours.  Tours are available to meet your specific physical needs.  Also, unique opportunities are typically available for instance visiting the Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Museum in Rüdesheim, Germany. Biking hiking tours are available to local vineyards and to be part of the culture of a particular town.

During the day if you are not in port there are lectures about each port.   In the evening there is entertainment from the local area such as traditional dance groups and other musical performances.  There might also be evening tours or you are free to roam around the local area and enjoy a drink at a local pub.

Whether it is sipping your café latte on your balcony or sipping your wine on the top deck River Cruising is an unforgettable experience to see special regions of Europe, Asia or Africa in a calm, relaxing and intimate manner.  The team at Vacationeeze has now taken 4 river cruises in the past year and can help answer your questions about the ports and the differences in the ships.