Beach Vacations

Blazing sunsets over Technicolor seas, teeming with 700 species of fish and 70 types of vivid coral. Trade winds that breathe softly into lush rainforests and over mountain peaks. Palms rising majestically out of sparkling white beaches.

These are the images conjured by travelers to the over 700 islets, reefs, cays, and more than 30 islands of the Caribbean. However, to get a true picture of the region, look past what you see and tap into how you feel.

Focus on the sound of steel drums and pounding feet as they echo through the night. Savor what cuisine spooned from a melting pot tastes like—a blend of African, Spanish, Asian, East Indian and European flavors for a profile all its own. Escape to a time and place a world away, with colonial architecture on romantic estates or resorts that provide modern luxury at its finest. This is the Caribbean.


Complimentary room upgrade for every 10th room booked and a complimentary room for every 10th room booked, 10% spa discount, private check-in and 1 complimentary one-hour cocktail reception.

Every 6th or 11th guest is complimentary, complimentary room upgrade for every 10th room booked, complimentary cocktail hour and semi-private dinner.

Palladium Hotel Group

Complimentary room upgrade, complimentary room, 20% spa discount, welcome reception and dedicated group coordinator.

Receive up to every 5th room free, 1 complimentary room upgrade, a dedicated group coordinator, semi-private dinner and private cocktail party included.

Receive a complimentary room upgrade, private group check-in, private group coordinator, 20% spa discounts, complimentary meeting room/event space and choose up to 6 additional group perks.

Receive up to a $1000 air credit for the group couple or leader. Plus, reduced deposit and flexible payments at select resorts.