5 things to do before you go on vacation

1.Make a check list and check it a few times
Write everything down that you think you want to bring. Think about the activities and excursions you might be doing and what you will need for each. Are you taking any special medications, make sure to put them on the list. Are you going to that special restaurant that has a dress code, make sure to bring the correct clothing.

2. Get all your projects and work completed before you leave
Look around your office the day before you leave. Is everything done or if not do you have someone that you can contact while you are away that can find something for you if you really need it. Look at your calendar for the time you will be away and make sure you take care of any surprise that you forgot you had planned. Even though you probably don’t want to do this it make sense to give a coworker all your contact info, unless you are really going to detach.

3, Get your technology prepared
Make sure you have contacted your cell company to let them know where you are traveling in case you don’t have global roaming or at least find out the cost so you don’t have a big surprise when you come home. Make sure you have the correct electrical adapters if you are traveling overseas.

4. Get your money ready to go
A few days prior to leaving you should contact your bank to make sure your ATM card will work where you are and they do not think that someone is trying to commit fraud on your account. The same is true with your credit card companies. We always suggest carrying at least $250 in cash with you just in case you land and can’t find an ATM at the airport but need to grab a taxi. Every airport has an exchange kiosk to turn your USD into local currency.

5. Have your paperwork in order.
Recheck your airline tickets, hotel reservations and any other vouchers you may need when you land. Make sure you have your passport ready to go. We typically suggest you make a copy of all your important documents and bring the copies with you as well. Just put them in a different bag then the one you are carrying.