Destination Wedding Etiquette: the Do’s and Don’ts

So you’ve received your first invitation to a destination wedding. Sounds pretty exciting right? After the initial excitement, you start to realize that you don’t know proper destination wedding etiquette.

When you receive a destination wedding invite.

Don’t be overwhelmed, we have three tips to help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of destination weddings:


After the invitation first arrives and the initial excitement dies down, that’s when you start to think about the expense of attending and where you can find a good price on the cost of an airplane ticket. Knowing the location, the resort, and the time of year will help you in planning how much you will have to spend.For example, if you have to undertake a trip to Italy in the summer, it’s going to be more expensive than if you had to do so in the winter.

If you want to stay within a budget, then the couple getting married should observe good destination wedding etiquette and provide plenty of notice of where the wedding will be held.

Dress Code

destination wedding - dress code

If you want to know what it’s best to wear to the wedding, then read your invitation. This tells you what you need to do. Perhaps the couple has stated that they would prefer for their guests to arrive in a certain type of attire: black tie, casual, or festive. If not, think about the location of the wedding and what the weather conditions are likely to be. A beach wedding requires more relaxed clothing, while a church wedding calls for more formal attire.


destination wedding - children

If a couple has opted for a child-free wedding, that is their prerogative, however, it’s well within the boundaries of good destination wedding etiquette if you choose not to attend due to that decision. Should there be any confusion on your part as to whether the entire family is invited, one clue is to look at the address on the invitation. Is it addressed to the entire family, or specifically to just your and your husband.

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