Everything you need to know about packing for your honeymoon

A recent blog post on Fathom dove into everything you need to know to pack like a pro. But sometimes you need a more tailored list for packing because let’s face it – not every trip is created equal.

With your honeymoon quickly approaching, there’s no reason to stress about packing. We can ease you into packing with these 9 tips.

  1. Passport -Your passport should be valid at least 6 months after your return date, as well as any visa’s necessary for your destination. Don’t forget to have your valid passport ready on the day of departure. You’d be surprised how many people forget their passport!
  2. Camera – Your honeymoon is all about creating memories together. Don’t forget what you do (and how great you look!) by packing a digital camera.Pro tip for active couples: bring an underwater camera (like a GoPro) to take a snap of those tropical fish you see, or the look on your sweetie’s face when they fall off the kayak!
  3. Boxes for rings – You both have beautiful new rings to symbolize your marriage. But, it may be best to take them off during activities or excursions. Bring a box to store your rings in the hotel room safe.
    Wedding ring
  4. Luggage tags – That really cute new piece of luggage you purchased? You probably want to make sure a stranger doesn’t grab it from the baggage claim. Plus, maybe your new last name is the perfect excuse to purchase a new luggage tag.
  5. Razor/shaving gel – You want to keep up appearances – at least for the honeymoon phase.

    Ew. Just ew.
  6. Sunscreen – No one wants to have their honeymoon ruined by some sunburn!
  7. Cash/international credit card – You don’t want to be held back from experiences or adventures because you don’t have cash or your credit card won’t work internationally. Make sure to get an international credit card (one without fees is even better!)Pro tip: bring extra cash for tips.
    Cash | Breaking bad
  8. Medicine – Make sure to pack the prescription medicines you take to cover your trip plus a few days just in case. Who knows – maybe you’ll extend your stay because you are having such a great time.
  9. A little something special – Bring along one (or more!) romantic surprises for your significant other.