Le Sereno

Le Sereno is the renaissance of a beloved hotel on St. Barth. It was originally founded in 1972, by a group of European celebrities, one in particular that lent his name to the property. The hotel was acquired and expanded by the Parisot Group in 1982, and continued to be one of the island’s most popular rendezvous. In 2002, the hotel’s new owners, began to re-design and rebuild the newly-christened “Le Sereno” as the deluxe property among the islands select group of hotels. The development team includes a renowned French designer, lighting designer and landscape architect. The intimate 37 suite-and villa Le Sereno is located at the east end of the island and stretches along almost 180 meters (600 feet) of sandy beach on picturesque Grand Cul-de-Sac – a turquoise cove protected from the waves by a coral reef. The beautiful beach, and the cove is the island’s most popular destination for kite sailors and wind surfers.