Q and A 2018

Q. The names on my passport and drivers license don’t match.  What should I do.

A.  If you are traveling with your passport then this is the only document you need and you will need it for all international flights.  If you are traveling within the US then you can use your drivers license.  The important thing is to make sure that your name from whichever your use matches the name on your ticket.

Q. Will I have to pay to check in my luggage for my flight or can I carry it on?

A. This is a complicated question as every airline has a different policy.  The simple answer is that the majority of airlines, except for Southwest will require you to pay to ship your luggage.  If you bring a roller board that you plan to carry on but the bins are full they will usually ship it for you for free.   There are other airlines such as Spirit that will charge you to bring a carry on other than a personal item.  American Airlines now has a new economy ticket that does not permit you to bring a carry on and has you boarding last.   The bottom line is expect to pay to ship your luggage.

Q. What is the difference between a beachfront room and an ocean view room?

A. There are rooms that are steps away from the sand but because of the trees you can’t see the ocean.   These are typically the beachfront rooms.   There are other rooms that could be on the 15th floor of a resort that have an amazing ocean view but are a 15 minute walk to the beach.   It is important to ask your Vacationeeze travel concierge about this as every resort calls their rooms something different.

Q. We have kids but are looking for an 5 star all inclusive resort that also has an adults only area.  Are there any of those?

A. Yes there are few that offer a limited adults only area such as a pool or beach area and even a restaurant and bar.   We would suggest Azul Sensatori, Azul Fives, Now Jade, Now Sapphire, Hard Rock Riviera Maya and The Grand at the Moon Palace.   Another option is to stay at Now Onyx in Punta Cana and the adults have access to Breathless Punta Cana which is a 100% adults only resort.  Another option is Dreams Playa Mujeres and adults can spend time at Secrets Playa Mujeres which connect each other.

Q. I am thinking about having a destination wedding, how far in advance should I plan it.

A. We suggest to start the process 18 to 12 months in advance.  This will provide  you the most options of resorts at the best prices.

Q. I am thinking of going to Tahiti on my honeymoon for 5 days do you think that would be enough time?

A. NO.  In order to get to Tahiti you must first fly to LA or San Francisco.  Once there you take another flight that is 8-9 hours.   Many times these flights get in in the middle of the night.  Most clients want to travel to Moorea or Bora Bora and this requires another flight or a ferry.   When you calculate all the travel you could be traveling for 18-24 hours from the time you depart until you check in.  We suggest 7-10 day minimum for a trip to Tahiti and a visit to at least 2 islands.