Tips For Budget-Friendly Family Travel

In the market for some family travel bargains so that this year’s vacation doesn’t wind up still being paid for at Christmas time? Here are three tips for budget friendly family travel:

1. Budget — Even if you don’t normally plan a family budget, now is one of those times when you should do so. It’s so easy to overspend on a family vacation that it just makes sense to plan things out in advance. Also, be willing to compromise. For example, if you should come across a hotel that catches your eye, but happens to be a little too expensive, try eliminating something else from your vacation plans so that you and your family can stay there. You should also know exactly how close to the bottom line your budget really is and if there is a little wiggle room for any extras.

2. Discuss — Talk your family travel options over with your whole family and make a joint decision about what you want to do. Remember: a vacation doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be fun. Try to plan a trip that will include something for everybody. Choose a destination that isn’t too far from home. You could stay at a resort that’s only a couple hours away rather than flying out to some far away destination. As long as everybody’s likes and dislikes are taken into consideration, and what each person wants to do, you can have a wonderful vacation without having to go far, far away from home.

3. Compromise — Don’t fall into a pattern of rigidity with your family travel choices. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to skimp and save on every little thing. And if you’re willing to avoid hitting the road at peak travel times, such as during holidays or the busiest months of summer, that can save you lots of money.